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Last month, I hit up the Kelly Writers House Speakeasy for the first time.  There, I joined an audience in indulging the array of talents our local community has to offer.  I saw saucy poets and self-effacing comedians.  I became privy to confidential information about one person’s wildest dreams and another’s first time in a strip club.  I munched red peppers slathered in ranch dressing and admired the witticisms of hosts Isa Oliveres (C ’14) and Rosa Escandon (C ’15), who showered gifts – the likes of which can be found only at the Writers House – upon the happy crowd.  Everyone left with something, whether it was a buns-enhancing workout tape, Soup Mug, or World Café Live hits CD.  When you, too, attend Speakeasy, you will leave with something useful; Isa’s favorite was the commemorative shot glass from George W. Bush’s Inauguration.  She can’t get over it.  I have to agree with her on this one and put it out there that I can’t get over Speakeasy.  The last one of the year is April 18th, 8 pm in the Arts Cafe.  Miss it at the risk of missing the chance to talk at a captive audience and eat the best oatmeal cookies on the planet.



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