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Letter from the Editors

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Dear Reader,

In a media landscape flooded with micro-content, we’re proud to offer a space that celebrates the enduring value of long-form creative nonfiction. Four years after its inception—and thanks to the support of the Kelly Writers House and Penn parent Judith Zarin—Filament continues to share powerful in-depth stories from fresh perspectives to ignite conversations on arts and culture.

In our first digital issue, we’re swapping out incandescent light bulbs for CFLs, combining traditional long-form with a digital presence. We’re excited to share these stories beyond Penn’s campus—this issue of the magazine explores a diverse array of fascinating topics, including the changing face of the Cedar Park neighborhood, the feminist quandaries of Hooters, lenticular reality in the art world, and family histories that can’t be reclaimed. We also highlight some of the best of our biweekly columns, which we introduced in the fall, covering everything from the politics of comic books to the philosophy of art to sustainability in Philadelphia.

Special thanks to the wonderful Filament team of writers, bloggers, and copy-editors who made this issue possible and humored us when we pitched a web future for the magazine. Andie Davidson (Executive Copy-Editor) and our all-star copy-editing team—Maleeha Haneef, Michaela Kotziers, Chloe Sigal, and Ashley Stinnett—have our deep gratitude. We wish the next generation of Filament editors and writers luck in learning WordPress, and know that you will push this magazine in new and exciting directions!

Jack and Kenna



Two Degrees of Separation (Between Us, a City)
Kathleen Zhou

Wings & Waitresses
Maya Afilalo

A Girl With A Lot of Tattoos Named Anna
Amanda Silberling

Haiku Review of Blue is the Warmest Color
Julia Schwartz

Who Needs Language?
Alexander Atienza

I Tell You I Have a Face & Puking into You
Madeleine Wattenbarger

Mythological Time: Model-Dependent Realism in Art
Kaitlin Moore

Farah and the Devil: A Collection of Poems Inspired by Faust
Ayla Fudala

Thoughts On Joni Mitchell
Julia Schwartz

How to Talk About Musicians Who Happen to Be Female
Amanda Silberling

Crippled By Its Own Success: The Cedar Park Neighborhood
Lauren Feiner

Madeleine Wattenbarger

When the Comic Industry Almost Died: The 1950s War Against Comics
Dan Spinelli


Leeds Castle, Ascending, & Mary | Ayla Fudala

Choreographed Mushroom Scans | Gina DeCagna

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Nature, Inspiration, Stepping Forward, Deconstruction and reconstruction, & Mantra | Terrill Warrenburg

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