‘Puking Into You’ & ‘I Tell You I Have a Face’

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PUKING INTO YOU Nothing better than certain other peoples’ bodies you be for me             you’re not as they are we’re just sickness & internet presences              pizza-wave feminism my next glitter project        lipstick, aka my birthstone Ironic tequila shots             I was the red lip tonight I want to see something     you     trying to speak googling tonsillitis               I’d way rather have your mouth wanna collab with you        aka I want to use the powers of too much diet cherry dr pepper     and kiss you let’s all            kiss your mouth       hey       anyone It’s different              you know me              real diamonds           The Truth Puking into you        I was cubic zirconium

I TELL YOU I HAVE A FACE These days I’m like heartbreakingly clever It’s my bones              It’s my planet Today I can’t decide whether it hurts Thank you mister sir that I transcended I’m too pathetic to be held I put on bodies and a white shirt but I’m dressed like other people I discovered this planet before I had to I don’t plan to Google its precise usage I’m all relaxed in my body-friend Pretty sure I’ve been told what to do with it I have forgotten how to take your brain commenting on mine Meet me at the emotional baggage claim Please, choose me as your moon

Madeleine Wattenbarger‘Puking Into You’ & ‘I Tell You I Have a Face’

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