Love is a verb

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Technology has changed how we look at socialization, relationships, and love. We of Generation Y have grown up with such rapidly advancing technology, particularly in the social media department, that our methods of communication would be unrecognizable and even inconceivable to our elementary school selves. Throughout history there have been …

Holly KellnerLove is a verb
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New X-Men and the Question of Superhero Stasis

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In May 2001, Marvel Comics hired Scottish comics writer Grant Morrison to overhaul their flagship heroes, the X-Men. Morrison joined Marvel after a highly successful stint at DC Comics, where he coalesced the Justice League of America into the wildly successful JLA. Like Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman, two other …

Dan SpinelliNew X-Men and the Question of Superhero Stasis
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Sourcing Sustainability

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Science and the humanities form opposite ends of a spectrum — science provides the facts and the humanities provide the story. United, the two motivate action much more strongly than either could alone. In the sustainability movement, though, the two often remain divided, a troubling claim in a time when …

Guest BloggerSourcing Sustainability
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Seeing Music: What do you think about when you listen to music?

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After an evening straight out of a 1950s movie“college experience,” a few of my classmates and I were walking back from dinner at our English professor’s house. We had eaten stew prepared by a chef, played an Oxford card game called Ex Libris, and listened to classical music. As the …

Katie BehrmanSeeing Music: What do you think about when you listen to music?