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The happiest season of all?

In Columns by Holly Kellner1 Comment

With all the Christmas songs, big annual sales, and “holiday cheer,” December is supposed be the happiest season of all. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or even Festivus, you will have some experience dealing with the December holidays. Perhaps you show up to a friend’s party, send some cards, …

Holly KellnerThe happiest season of all?
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A Made Bed = A Made Mind

In Columns, Culture by Holly KellnerLeave a Comment

        There’s a reason why hospitals and the military are known for perfect beds. In hospitals, it’s to ensure a clean environment and to reduce the occurrence of pressure ulcers for bed-ridden patients. For the military, it has to do with instilling a sense of order and a regimented routine. …

Holly KellnerA Made Bed = A Made Mind
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Spandex and Sex Dolls: Sexual objectification of women in comics

In Columns, Comics by Dan Spinelli2 Comments

Two weeks ago, I addressed the all-too-common practice of using the suffering of women as plot devices for the development of male characters. Now I wish to discuss a more pernicious issue: the rampant sexual objectification of female characters in comics. Comics is certainly not the only medium to treat …

Dan SpinelliSpandex and Sex Dolls: Sexual objectification of women in comics