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An Exercise in Profiling

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At the KWH Open House, we asked writers to profile icons of pop culture and history in the style of The New Yorker. Here are the highlights of our mock profile challenge!   In a way, Bob Belcher personifies the burgers he sells: a throwback to the glory days of mom-and-pop Americana, swarthy …

Filament_EditorsAn Exercise in Profiling
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Tame Mind

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- Zoë Kirsch This room holds a silence that fills your ears with omniscience and your mind with the notion that something exists in you that’s great and good. Your eyes rest behind closed lids. You imagine lifting out of your body — first hovering, then descending, and shrinking all the …

Zoe KirschTame Mind
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Christine Cox’s Turning Pointe: The Daring BalletX

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- Katie Behrman “I’m always running,” pants Christine Cox, founder of Philadelphia’s premiere contemporary ballet company BalletX, as she swoops into the lobby of the Wilma Theater. Her eyes dart around the room, scanning the black and white photographs lining the walls before settling in front of a large mirror …

Katie BehrmanChristine Cox’s Turning Pointe: The Daring BalletX