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What Should I Say?

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All images were generated on from my Facebook account. Two days ago, Ian Crouch explained the app whatwouldisay, or rather the experience that it creates for the user, for The New Yorker’s Culture Desk: “I found myself quickly tired of the ones that other people were sharing, and drawn …

Naomi ShavinWhat Should I Say?
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V for Vendetta Meets The Real World

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One week ago, thousands of Twitter posts and Facebook statuses read, “Remember, remember the 5th of November.” Made famous in the movie V for Vendetta, this symbolic date and slogan were celebrated in England long before Americans even acknowledged it. The story goes that a man named Guy Fawkes unsuccessfully …

Holly KellnerV for Vendetta Meets The Real World
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Carrie Past and Present

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A remake of the 1976 horror movie Carrie, based off of the 1974 Stephen King novel by the same name, was released on Friday, October 18. Carrie White, who was raised by a heavily religious mother, is ostracized at school for being weird and unpopular. After a group of girls humiliates her …

Peter MoonCarrie Past and Present