Sharing for the Sake of the Cure

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Havana, Cuba. 1865. Dr. Carlos Finlay watched over yet another patient overcome with fever, chills, and nausea. These were all symptoms of the curious disease that had now spread all throughout Cuba – yellow fever. Although he had seen countless numbers of patients suffering from the disease, Finlay, like many …

Shabnam ElahiSharing for the Sake of the Cure
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There is a man A young man who rides the Market-Frankfort subway line in Philadelphia After every stop he goes from car to car, begging And no one asks him his name   I know this man Because this man is me and this man is the purple-tied banker whose …

Dane MainellaMatthew
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Molly Eichel: the Gooey Center of the Philadelphia Daily News

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When Molly Eichel told her parents she was declaring a major in Journalism, they were less than enthused. “I got them both on the phone and there was silence on the end of the line…my dad goes, ‘Alright, have fun not paying back your student loans,’ and then he hung …

Jess BergmanMolly Eichel: the Gooey Center of the Philadelphia Daily News
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Vox Populi Vox Contemporary

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Artist Andy Sturdevant’s latest work, a quasi-performance piece, has him assuming the role of something between an auctioneer and a professor.  Armed with a Sharpie in hand and plenty of poster paper, Sturdevant stands before a group of about twenty strangers who have gathered inside the Practice Gallery of Philadelphia. …

Isaac KaplanVox Populi Vox Contemporary


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I watch flurries of snow clutch muted lemon, rogue, clementine and copper leaves. Beneath speckles of tawny brown, they carry the scent of long-burnt sugar. The snow is mold on the leaves, painting the world in streams of stilted, stubborn gray. The leaves are shaken by the absence of Autumn; …

Diamond IrwinOctober

August Hunting

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 Zip the bag closed and giggle. With tape cover, muffle. The insect wings hidden, prevented   escape. Stole from flowers we shut it. Enclosed nesting creature. Our fingers small fumbling: lit   liquid smeared flat. We left night until morning, uncovered our shock. Smashed body of lantern. Child-hands that caught …

Madeleine WattenbargerAugust Hunting


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There was once a girl from a place that wasn’t Nantucket. It wasn’t quite Kalamazoo either. It was a place that went by the name of Happy Mountain. Happy Mountain was located in Texas, a place generally stereotyped as hot, Republican, and filled with people who enjoy shooting beings smaller …

Kailey ZitanerAnthropocene