Aisle 9

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Cans can preserve, can contain.   Pressure can keep same.   Condensed—   Poets’ produce, even cold, grows old.   Warm milks in cartons spoil.   Once fresh, poets’ flesh makes soil.  

Janina Lagemann-DoneAisle 9

Dueling Tampons

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“Excuse me, can I borrow a rubber?” I lifted my eyes from my notebook to stare at the inquisitor, who was speaking to a girl at the desk next to him. I was a study abroad student sitting in a London classroom, and I had never before witnessed such a …

Kathryn SiegelDueling Tampons


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Last month, I hit up the Kelly Writers House Speakeasy for the first time.  There, I joined an audience in indulging the array of talents our local community has to offer.  I saw saucy poets and self-effacing comedians.  I became privy to confidential information about one person’s wildest dreams and …

Zoe KirschSpeakeasy


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When most people think of vegan food, they think of rock-hard, sawdust-textured crackers, bitter, slimy veggie smoothies, and calorie-deficient iceberg lettuce salads. After all, what’s left to eat when you take out meat, dairy and eggs? Quite a lot actually. Surprised? One meal at Vedge, the new vegan restaurant on …

Rosaline ZhangVedge
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Pretending – Cindy Sherman and Identity

In Arts, Magazine by Isaac Kaplan7 Comments

“We are what we pretend to be,” Kurt Vonnegut bluntly states in the introduction to his novel Mother Night. Cindy Sherman, in a retrospective at MOMA that runs until June 11th, has taken Vonnegut to the extreme. Photographing herself adopting a multiplicity of personas that run the gamut from an …

Isaac KaplanPretending – Cindy Sherman and Identity
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Taming the Met

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In 1971, the Pentagon Papers leaked across the front page of the New York Times, fueling hostilities between institutions and reporters. Newspapers were out to expose injustice and alarmingly willing to tackle the establishment. A year later, they targeted the Metropolitan Museum of Art, an early object of the Times’ …

Jack NessmanTaming the Met
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Let’s talk music. It’s universal. We all listen, we all have our favorite artists, our favorite songs. It’s a language, a topic of conversation, and something so essentially human. So meet Carousel, a new indie/electronic band that is exploding in the blogosphere. A blogosphere? Not so universal. Today the web …

Sarah NalleCarousel
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On the Record: The all-too likely comeback of modernity’s great fetish

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There is a scene in the 1997 film Men in Black where Tommy Lee Jones’ character, Agent Kay, shows his new recruit, Agent Jay (played by Will Smith), around the high-tech alien holdout of the secret government agency. “This is gonna replace CDs soon,” he says, holding up what appears …

Max McKennaOn the Record: The all-too likely comeback of modernity’s great fetish

Disorderly Conduct (An Aside)

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I’m sitting in a restaurant on Main Street when an unidentified white girl to my left (because it’s best that most white girls in circumstances such as these remain anonymous, remember that), says she thinks I’m ghetto fabulous. And now she’s chuckling, places her hand on my knee, and she’s …

Victoria FordDisorderly Conduct (An Aside)

Something Something Orange

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Orange flannel long-sleeve shirt, lingering over nineteen-day-old jeans. What do you expect when the basement washer/dryer costs three dollars and it only takes quarters? If I’m ever carrying more than three quarters at a time, there’s a problem anyway because I don’t like change and why carry all that trouble …

Matt ChylakSomething Something Orange