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Holiday Traditions Meet Nontraditional Diets

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Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s are the holidays that have punctuated “the Holiday Season” in my life. This is a joyous time for many, a time to see family and friends, take a break from work and school, and have an excuse to gorge on delicious, homemade food. But for …

Brianna KrejciHoliday Traditions Meet Nontraditional Diets


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Executive Chef Nick Elmi says no outsiders in the kitchen, as he bounces two-year-old daughter Grace Marie on his knee. “Not right now,” he adds firmly. “Sorry.” It’s two o’clock on a Thursday afternoon in early December, and while the Rittenhouse Tavern dining room is calm – the wooden tables …

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Comfort Food

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In the summertime, I bake pies. Blueberry-blackberry pies, strawberry-blueberry pies, nectarine-raspberry pies, peach pies. Pies with all-butter crusts and lattice tops, made from scratch, baked until the fruit bubbles and the crust is golden brown. People have told me that my pies are the best they have ever tasted. When …

Kristen MartinComfort Food