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Crippled By Its Own Success: The Cedar Park Neighborhood

In Spring 2015 by Lauren FeinerLeave a Comment

*This piece was written in Spring 2014 On a warm Spring Saturday morning, the paradox of Cedar Park tucks itself away into the brightly painted porches of quaint Victorian row homes and the palms of neighbors waving friendly hellos on the sidewalk. The West Philadelphia neighborhood, which spans from 45th …

Lauren FeinerCrippled By Its Own Success: The Cedar Park Neighborhood

‘Nature,’ ‘Inspiration,’ ‘Stepping Forward,’ ‘Deconstruction and reconstruction,’ & ‘Mantra’

In Spring 2015 by Terrill WarrenburgLeave a Comment

Terrill Warrenburg, ‘Nature,’ silkscreen print Terrill Warrenburg, ‘Inspiration,’ mixed media Terrill Warrenburg, ‘Stepping Forward,’ silkscreen print Terrill Warrenburg, ‘Deconstruction and reconstruction,’ silkscreen print Terrill Warrenburg, ‘Mantra,’ silkscreen print
Terrill Warrenburg‘Nature,’ ‘Inspiration,’ ‘Stepping Forward,’ ‘Deconstruction and reconstruction,’ & ‘Mantra’
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Thoughts on Joni Mitchell

In Spring 2015 by Julia SchwartzLeave a Comment

A girl I was in love with once said to me while we were laying in bed, “Everyone I love loves Joni Mitchell.” At the time this seemed like a relatively unremarkable statement, particularly because there were so many other things I wanted her to be saying. It is also …

Julia SchwartzThoughts on Joni Mitchell
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Who Needs Language?

In Spring 2015 by Alexander AtienzaLeave a Comment

A friend of mine who is a music major once expressed his distaste for musicals to me. He thought that adding words to a medium that attempts to communicate experiences by transcending language only diluted the expressive power of music. “Who needs language?” was his question. As a lover of …

Alexander AtienzaWho Needs Language?
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Farah and the Devil: A Collection of Poems Inspired by ‘Faust’

In Poetry, Spring 2015 by Ayla FudalaLeave a Comment

Prologue in Heaven A great amorphous flapping Goose-down glued on Cut-out paper angels blow Trumpets of yellow gold The doors are opening! The doors are opening! Onto another antechamber and another A kaleidoscope image unfolding Nothing in the middle But finally, the last door opens, and there He is On …

Ayla FudalaFarah and the Devil: A Collection of Poems Inspired by ‘Faust’
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When the Comic Industry Almost Died: The 1950s War Against Comics

In Arts and Culture, Columns, Comics, Spring 2015 by Dan SpinelliLeave a Comment

In November, Under the Button (Penn’s humorous student-run blog) went through Van Pelt Library looking for strange book titles. One of the gems uncovered during UTB’s trek through the library was none other than Seduction of the Innocent by Dr. Fredric Wertham, a nasty-looking tome published in 1954. For UTB’s …

Dan SpinelliWhen the Comic Industry Almost Died: The 1950s War Against Comics
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Sourcing Sustainability

In Columns, Culture, Spring 2015 by Guest BloggerLeave a Comment

Science and the humanities form opposite ends of a spectrum — science provides the facts and the humanities provide the story. United, the two motivate action much more strongly than either could alone. In the sustainability movement, though, the two often remain divided, a troubling claim in a time when …

Guest BloggerSourcing Sustainability