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Spandex and Sex Dolls: Sexual objectification of women in comics

In Columns, Comics by Dan Spinelli2 Comments

Two weeks ago, I addressed the all-too-common practice of using the suffering of women as plot devices for the development of male characters. Now I wish to discuss a more pernicious issue: the rampant sexual objectification of female characters in comics. Comics is certainly not the only medium to treat …

Dan SpinelliSpandex and Sex Dolls: Sexual objectification of women in comics
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Holiday Traditions Meet Nontraditional Diets

In Columns, Food by Brianna KrejciLeave a Comment

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s are the holidays that have punctuated “the Holiday Season” in my life. This is a joyous time for many, a time to see family and friends, take a break from work and school, and have an excuse to gorge on delicious, homemade food. But for …

Brianna KrejciHoliday Traditions Meet Nontraditional Diets
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“Women in Refrigerators”: Representing Women in Comics

In Columns, Comics by Dan SpinelliLeave a Comment

This column is part one of a two-part analysis of women in comics. This article will look at women in instances of violence and their treatment as plot objects. The second will then analyze the sexual objectification of female characters. In Green Lantern #54, released in 1994, superhero Kyle Rayner …

Dan Spinelli“Women in Refrigerators”: Representing Women in Comics
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Comics: The Forgotten Medium

In Columns, Comics by Dan Spinelli1 Comment

A film like The Avengers can gross over $1.5 billion worldwide, yet the main Avengers comic book title only sold a shade over 50,000 units in September 2014 (with other ancillary titles finishing well below that value). Is this paradox unique to comics, or is it common to all films …

Dan SpinelliComics: The Forgotten Medium
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Procrastination Nation

In Columns, Culture by Holly Kellner3 Comments

If I were to ask any student here at Penn — or anyone in the entire world for that matter — if they procrastinated, I am certain that I would get an overwhelming “yes.” But why do we procrastinate? From an evolutionary standpoint, impulsivity makes sense: humans thousands of years …

Holly KellnerProcrastination Nation
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Who Owns Wolverine?

In Columns, Comics by Dan Spinelli1 Comment

In the History Channel documentary Comic Book Superheroes Unmasked, acclaimed comic writer and editor Denny O’Neill once said that as an editor of DC’s Batman series, he saw himself as a “custodian of folklore.” O’Neill is not the first person to identify the modern mythology underpinning American superheroes. Superman, the …

Dan SpinelliWho Owns Wolverine?