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Mythological Time: Model-Dependent Realism in Art

In Arts, Arts and Culture, Culture, Essay, Spring 2015 by Kaitlin MooreLeave a Comment

“He comes from both sorts of time. He pops up in linear time, the time that gives us death and babies and old relatives. And yet there he is in mythological time: circular time, the time where the seasons die and resurrect, and so do gods and heroes. Where the …

Kaitlin MooreMythological Time: Model-Dependent Realism in Art
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Christine Cox’s Turning Pointe: The Daring BalletX

In Arts, Spring 2014 by Katie BehrmanLeave a Comment

- Katie Behrman “I’m always running,” pants Christine Cox, founder of Philadelphia’s premiere contemporary ballet company BalletX, as she swoops into the lobby of the Wilma Theater. Her eyes dart around the room, scanning the black and white photographs lining the walls before settling in front of a large mirror …

Katie BehrmanChristine Cox’s Turning Pointe: The Daring BalletX
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New Voices Are the New Television

In Arts, Blog by Julia SchwartzLeave a Comment

If you have been on the Internet this summer or know anyone who has, chances are you have at least heard about the new Netflix original series, Orange Is The New Black. If you haven’t seen the show, perhaps you’re one of the unfortunate few who have not stolen an …

Julia SchwartzNew Voices Are the New Television
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Pretending – Cindy Sherman and Identity

In Arts, Magazine by Isaac Kaplan7 Comments

“We are what we pretend to be,” Kurt Vonnegut bluntly states in the introduction to his novel Mother Night. Cindy Sherman, in a retrospective at MOMA that runs until June 11th, has taken Vonnegut to the extreme. Photographing herself adopting a multiplicity of personas that run the gamut from an …

Isaac KaplanPretending – Cindy Sherman and Identity
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Taming the Met

In Arts, Magazine by Jack NessmanLeave a Comment

In 1971, the Pentagon Papers leaked across the front page of the New York Times, fueling hostilities between institutions and reporters. Newspapers were out to expose injustice and alarmingly willing to tackle the establishment. A year later, they targeted the Metropolitan Museum of Art, an early object of the Times’ …

Jack NessmanTaming the Met