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In Fact

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- Naomi Shavin This is an article about fact-checking for a publication at the University of Pennsylvania, so we might as well start by talking about Stephen Glass. Glass is a graduate of the class of 1994. He majored in anthropology and his primary extra-curricular involvement was with the Daily Pennsylvanian. …

Naomi ShavinIn Fact
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Meme to Musician: The Viral Teendom of Kitty Pryde

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The scene is dimly lit: an urban parking lot late on a summer light, yellow-orange under streetlights and the occasional flash of a car. A teenage girl toy with a plastic cup and chats anxiously. “My real–no, Kitty Pryde? No, that’s the name of an X-Man.” She sounds defensive, but …

Madeleine WattenbargerMeme to Musician: The Viral Teendom of Kitty Pryde
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1. PORCELAIN PUNK ROCKERS Rachel and Nicole are a salt-and-pepper set.  They’re not the kind your mother would buy, though. Unless your mother wants porcelain punk rockers to adorn your dining room. Rachel Gagliardi, 23, and Nicole Snyder, 22, get along so well together— and it’s almost always just the …

Naomi ShavinSlutever
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Let’s talk music. It’s universal. We all listen, we all have our favorite artists, our favorite songs. It’s a language, a topic of conversation, and something so essentially human. So meet Carousel, a new indie/electronic band that is exploding in the blogosphere. A blogosphere? Not so universal. Today the web …

Sarah NalleCarousel
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On the Record: The all-too likely comeback of modernity’s great fetish

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There is a scene in the 1997 film Men in Black where Tommy Lee Jones’ character, Agent Kay, shows his new recruit, Agent Jay (played by Will Smith), around the high-tech alien holdout of the secret government agency. “This is gonna replace CDs soon,” he says, holding up what appears …

Max McKennaOn the Record: The all-too likely comeback of modernity’s great fetish
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A Determinism of Morality

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On a scale of one to ten, I’m pretty ignorant when it comes to metal music. Yet on a Friday afternoon, I found myself staring at a variety of black boxes, each blinking and purring as the sounds of an asymmetrical drumbeat, methodical bass line, throat-shredding voice, and ornamented guitar …

Janelle McDermothA Determinism of Morality