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Tame Mind

In Personal Essay, Spring 2014 by Zoe KirschLeave a Comment

- Zoë Kirsch This room holds a silence that fills your ears with omniscience and your mind with the notion that something exists in you that’s great and good. Your eyes rest behind closed lids. You imagine lifting out of your body — first hovering, then descending, and shrinking all the …

Zoe KirschTame Mind
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Christine Cox’s Turning Pointe: The Daring BalletX

In Arts, Spring 2014 by Katie BehrmanLeave a Comment

- Katie Behrman “I’m always running,” pants Christine Cox, founder of Philadelphia’s premiere contemporary ballet company BalletX, as she swoops into the lobby of the Wilma Theater. Her eyes dart around the room, scanning the black and white photographs lining the walls before settling in front of a large mirror …

Katie BehrmanChristine Cox’s Turning Pointe: The Daring BalletX
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Winters Sometimes I have Seen You

In Poetry, Spring 2014 by Max BolnoLeave a Comment

- Max Bolno Winters sometimes I have seen you, Winds tearing at my roof-slats like fingernails, against their common will. On such nights as those I find repose Indoors, a fire, warmth iniquitous to snow. In winters such as those I’ve sometimes seen you. Perhaps a clack or batter from …

Max BolnoWinters Sometimes I have Seen You

The Cellist

In Fiction, Spring 2014 by Mayookha Mitra-MajumdarLeave a Comment

- Mayookha Mitra-Majumdar He sat in the tunnel that ran under Westminster Bridge. His left hand was poised over the strings, which quivered from the slightest contact with his fingers. His right hand held a bow. On the pavement lay his cello case, the worn blue velvet interior exposed. Within …

Mayookha Mitra-MajumdarThe Cellist
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In Fiction, Spring 2014 by Nick DeFinaLeave a Comment

- Nick DeFina Note from the author: I wrote this story to resurrect old memories of the Southwestern Native American reservations that I’d visited as a child: the mountainous landscapes, the sprawling deserts, the desolate neighborhoods. I decided to set this story on a plot of land at the edge of …

Nick DeFinaRunes
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In Fact

In Music, Profile, Spring 2014 by Naomi Shavin15 Comments

- Naomi Shavin This is an article about fact-checking for a publication at the University of Pennsylvania, so we might as well start by talking about Stephen Glass. Glass is a graduate of the class of 1994. He majored in anthropology and his primary extra-curricular involvement was with the Daily Pennsylvanian. …

Naomi ShavinIn Fact
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Michaela’s Mix

In Spring 2014 by Carolyn GraceLeave a Comment

- Carolyn Grace Ringing phones and sudden bursts of applause sound throughout WXPN, the adult album alternative radio station operated by the University of Pennsylvania. Amid the hustle and bustle, Michaela Majoun manages to slip into her booth unnoticed. Curly black hair a-fly, she takes a seat in the tiny studio …

Carolyn GraceMichaela’s Mix
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Hear, O Israel: Faith and Religion at Penn

In Spring 2014 by Allison WattenbargerLeave a Comment

- Allison Wattenbarger REFLECTION “Art and ethnography, representation and exposition, don’t often mix well—it’s why great art always has an aspect of mystery, or why a joke unpacked isn’t funny.” - Menachem Kaiser, “Hasidism in Living Color.” Tablet. PRELUDE “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth and a people; …

Allison WattenbargerHear, O Israel: Faith and Religion at Penn