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What’s up y’all, T-man here, welcoming you live this morning to Quadra-Pump 3000, guaranteed hottest workout in the universe! Toss out those gnarly old Richard Simmons tapes cause we are gonna do some real work today, gonna turn you all into some fight-ing machines! I got Donna over here to …

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For the Love of the Humanities

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Each time I introduce myself as a Penn student, I wait for the inevitable question: “What are you studying?” I pull my spine up straighter, swallow a deep breath, and tell them — with all the pride that I can muster — that I am majoring in Gender, Sexuality and …

Arielle PardesFor the Love of the Humanities
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Meme to Musician: The Viral Teendom of Kitty Pryde

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The scene is dimly lit: an urban parking lot late on a summer light, yellow-orange under streetlights and the occasional flash of a car. A teenage girl toy with a plastic cup and chats anxiously. “My real–no, Kitty Pryde? No, that’s the name of an X-Man.” She sounds defensive, but …

Madeleine WattenbargerMeme to Musician: The Viral Teendom of Kitty Pryde
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The captions Dorothea Lange wrote for her photographs have the compactness of Ernest Hemingway’s prose: “Three families, 14 children.” Her captions mimic the sparseness of her compositions, as if the words can remain sturdy without the buttresses of adjectives. “June 1935. Negro field worker, Holtville, Imperial Valley, California. He has …

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Executive Chef Nick Elmi says no outsiders in the kitchen, as he bounces two-year-old daughter Grace Marie on his knee. “Not right now,” he adds firmly. “Sorry.” It’s two o’clock on a Thursday afternoon in early December, and while the Rittenhouse Tavern dining room is calm – the wooden tables …

Zoe KirschScrapple
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Painting It Rojo

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Mariel Rojo is sure her designer co-operative, US*U.S. (or US by U.S., as she calls it), features the best designers in Philly.  After spending just a short time with her, I am not surprised it’s no surprise that she’s one of them.  She makes a bold first impression with wild …

Nicole MalickPainting It Rojo

What Will People Read in 2090: Predicting the Future Classics

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On Wednesday, my English professor expressed  his confidence that Ian McEwan, the assigned author, would still be widely read in fifty years. It’s a theme my professor brings up often: the future relevance of the books we read in class. He has also predicted that The Autumn of the Patriarch, …

Shoshana AkabasWhat Will People Read in 2090: Predicting the Future Classics

Oh What a World

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For my fifth birthday my grandmother bought me a VHS copy of The Wizard of Oz. Having wanted, and begged for, Sleeping Beauty, this was a disappointment. Who was that girl on the cover in that checkered, blue dress? She didn’t look like a princess. I was not happy. My …

Josh HerrenOh What a World
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1. PORCELAIN PUNK ROCKERS Rachel and Nicole are a salt-and-pepper set.  They’re not the kind your mother would buy, though. Unless your mother wants porcelain punk rockers to adorn your dining room. Rachel Gagliardi, 23, and Nicole Snyder, 22, get along so well together— and it’s almost always just the …

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An Enchanting Messenger: Barbie’s controversial influence could be put to good use

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Silky golden tresses, unfailingly chic attire, dainty hourglass figure, enviably endless legs. From head to toe, she is the image of perfect beauty. Only one problem: Barbie isn’t real. Instead of skin and blood, she is vinyl—and her artificial image has raised red flags over the years. Enter “Beautiful and …

Andie DavidsonAn Enchanting Messenger: Barbie’s controversial influence could be put to good use