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In a tiny yoga studio nestled between Indian restaurants and medical offices, Danielle L. Stimpson, a shaman and Reiki master, is summoning the energy of the universe. It’s a cool, sunny afternoon in the Philadelphia suburb of Elkins Park, but it’s dark and warm, almost stuffy, inside the mint green …

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Vox Populi Vox Contemporary

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Artist Andy Sturdevant’s latest work, a quasi-performance piece, has him assuming the role of something between an auctioneer and a professor.  Armed with a Sharpie in hand and plenty of poster paper, Sturdevant stands before a group of about twenty strangers who have gathered inside the Practice Gallery of Philadelphia. …

Isaac KaplanVox Populi Vox Contemporary

Dueling Tampons

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“Excuse me, can I borrow a rubber?” I lifted my eyes from my notebook to stare at the inquisitor, who was speaking to a girl at the desk next to him. I was a study abroad student sitting in a London classroom, and I had never before witnessed such a …

Kathryn SiegelDueling Tampons