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Two Degrees of Separation (Between Us, a City)

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Shanghai was the city of my great-great-grandfather, my great-grandfather and my grandmother. But Shanghai was never the city of my father, and Shanghai is not mine. Still, during winter break, I learn that the freshest scallion pancakes come from the dusty stall across Longwu Road, I learn which yellow convenience …

Kathleen ZhouTwo Degrees of Separation (Between Us, a City)
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Mythological Time: Model-Dependent Realism in Art

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“He comes from both sorts of time. He pops up in linear time, the time that gives us death and babies and old relatives. And yet there he is in mythological time: circular time, the time where the seasons die and resurrect, and so do gods and heroes. Where the …

Kaitlin MooreMythological Time: Model-Dependent Realism in Art

For the Love of the Humanities

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Each time I introduce myself as a Penn student, I wait for the inevitable question: “What are you studying?” I pull my spine up straighter, swallow a deep breath, and tell them — with all the pride that I can muster — that I am majoring in Gender, Sexuality and …

Arielle PardesFor the Love of the Humanities

Oh What a World

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For my fifth birthday my grandmother bought me a VHS copy of The Wizard of Oz. Having wanted, and begged for, Sleeping Beauty, this was a disappointment. Who was that girl on the cover in that checkered, blue dress? She didn’t look like a princess. I was not happy. My …

Josh HerrenOh What a World

Five Things that remind us of Marie

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 From the writer: Putting this together was a bit of a catharsis for me. It’s based off the recollections I have of my estranged older sister, Mary. I tried to build a portrait of her through the eyes of our priest, her son, her ex-husband, my mom, and myself. I.               …

Samantha OsakiFive Things that remind us of Marie

The Hot Seat

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I’m convinced that Regis Philbin was placed on Earth because he has the perfect voice for television. Forget the newest string of robberies on Channel 3 or the catfights on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Regis, in his thousand-year-old glory, takes over the small screen and makes it big.  …

Amanda WolkinThe Hot Seat

Disorderly Conduct (An Aside)

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I’m sitting in a restaurant on Main Street when an unidentified white girl to my left (because it’s best that most white girls in circumstances such as these remain anonymous, remember that), says she thinks I’m ghetto fabulous. And now she’s chuckling, places her hand on my knee, and she’s …

Victoria FordDisorderly Conduct (An Aside)