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We’re going down, I’m yelling TINDER

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- Holly Kellner “So how did you two meet?” It’s the classic question that bombards couples everywhere when introducing their significant others to family and friends. Twenty years ago, you might tell your family that you bumped into each other at a coffee shop or were close friends-turned boyfriend/girlfriend. In the …

Holly KellnerWe’re going down, I’m yelling TINDER
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Straight into Our Hearts, but 20 Feet From Stardom

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- Katie Behrman 20 Feet From Stardom is one of five movies featured in the 2014 Oscars as nominees for Best Documentary. Katie Behrman reviews the movie, just in time for the ceremony. * * * * “I never expected that the film would change the women’s lives or add a new …

Katie BehrmanStraight into Our Hearts, but 20 Feet From Stardom
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Rocky Mountain High

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- Holly Kellner The two states that legalized marijuana in 2014 are going head to head tomorrow in the Super Bowl. Here’s what one Colorado-born Filament writer has to say about what the drug can do for her home state, and for our country. * * * * One month …

Holly KellnerRocky Mountain High
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What Should I Say?

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All images were generated on from my Facebook account. Two days ago, Ian Crouch explained the app whatwouldisay, or rather the experience that it creates for the user, for The New Yorker’s Culture Desk: “I found myself quickly tired of the ones that other people were sharing, and drawn …

Naomi ShavinWhat Should I Say?
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V for Vendetta Meets The Real World

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One week ago, thousands of Twitter posts and Facebook statuses read, “Remember, remember the 5th of November.” Made famous in the movie V for Vendetta, this symbolic date and slogan were celebrated in England long before Americans even acknowledged it. The story goes that a man named Guy Fawkes unsuccessfully …

Holly KellnerV for Vendetta Meets The Real World
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Carrie Past and Present

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A remake of the 1976 horror movie Carrie, based off of the 1974 Stephen King novel by the same name, was released on Friday, October 18. Carrie White, who was raised by a heavily religious mother, is ostracized at school for being weird and unpopular. After a group of girls humiliates her …

Peter MoonCarrie Past and Present
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Israeli Filmmaker Shemi Zarhin On Philadelphia and Writing Books

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- Zoë Kirsch Award-winning Israeli filmmaker Shemi Zarhin is in Philadelphia today to talk about his new love: writing novels. His first one, Some Day, was released in Israel two years ago and in English translation just last week. Israeli readers and media outlets have been singing the book’s praises since …

Zoe KirschIsraeli Filmmaker Shemi Zarhin On Philadelphia and Writing Books
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The Hands That Do Not Belong to Cathleen Alexis

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                        On Wednesday, September 18, Cathleen Alexis apologized on behalf of her son, Aaron Alexis, who killed 12 people when he opened fire on Navy Yard in Washington, DC two days prior. In addition to reading a prepared statement, …

Naomi ShavinThe Hands That Do Not Belong to Cathleen Alexis
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Are you Happy?

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At different times in our lives, we can get stuck in the monotonous turmoil of daily events. Days, weeks, and months blend together – like in those movie scenes where the main character sits very silently, alone, and the world whizzes by him. I’m talking about a general malaise, and …

Holly KellnerAre you Happy?
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We Are All Americans Now

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  “We are all Americans now”. So said Tony Blair the day after Britain, and the world, watched in horror as the two towers of the World Trade Center crashed to the ground. Even before September 11th, America, with its largesse and the religiosity of its politics, amazed Blair. A …

Joe SykesWe Are All Americans Now