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An Exercise in Profiling

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At the KWH Open House, we asked writers to profile icons of pop culture and history in the style of The New Yorker. Here are the highlights of our mock profile challenge!   In a way, Bob Belcher personifies the burgers he sells: a throwback to the glory days of mom-and-pop Americana, swarthy …

Filament_EditorsAn Exercise in Profiling
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In Fact

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- Naomi Shavin This is an article about fact-checking for a publication at the University of Pennsylvania, so we might as well start by talking about Stephen Glass. Glass is a graduate of the class of 1994. He majored in anthropology and his primary extra-curricular involvement was with the Daily Pennsylvanian. …

Naomi ShavinIn Fact
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Painting It Rojo

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Mariel Rojo is sure her designer co-operative, US*U.S. (or US by U.S., as she calls it), features the best designers in Philly.  After spending just a short time with her, I am not surprised it’s no surprise that she’s one of them.  She makes a bold first impression with wild …

Nicole MalickPainting It Rojo

Trey Popp

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Philadelphia magazine restaurant critic Trey Popp is a magician. In his hands, a review becomes a statement about our nation’s quantity fetish (Table 31), or one chef’s errant intuition (Square Peg), or the underdog story of a snubbed neighborhood on the rise (NoBL). In general company, Popp doesn’t flaunt his tricks. …

Zoe KirschTrey Popp
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Molly Eichel: the Gooey Center of the Philadelphia Daily News

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When Molly Eichel told her parents she was declaring a major in Journalism, they were less than enthused. “I got them both on the phone and there was silence on the end of the line…my dad goes, ‘Alright, have fun not paying back your student loans,’ and then he hung …

Jess BergmanMolly Eichel: the Gooey Center of the Philadelphia Daily News