‘Puking Into You’ & ‘I Tell You I Have a Face’

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PUKING INTO YOU Nothing better than certain other peoples’ bodies you be for me             you’re not as they are we’re just sickness & internet presences              pizza-wave feminism my next glitter project        lipstick, aka my birthstone Ironic tequila shots             I was the red lip tonight I want to see something     you     …

Madeleine Wattenbarger‘Puking Into You’ & ‘I Tell You I Have a Face’
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Farah and the Devil: A Collection of Poems Inspired by ‘Faust’

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Prologue in Heaven A great amorphous flapping Goose-down glued on Cut-out paper angels blow Trumpets of yellow gold The doors are opening! The doors are opening! Onto another antechamber and another A kaleidoscope image unfolding Nothing in the middle But finally, the last door opens, and there He is On …

Ayla FudalaFarah and the Devil: A Collection of Poems Inspired by ‘Faust’
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Winters Sometimes I have Seen You

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- Max Bolno Winters sometimes I have seen you, Winds tearing at my roof-slats like fingernails, against their common will. On such nights as those I find repose Indoors, a fire, warmth iniquitous to snow. In winters such as those I’ve sometimes seen you. Perhaps a clack or batter from …

Max BolnoWinters Sometimes I have Seen You
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There is a man A young man who rides the Market-Frankfort subway line in Philadelphia After every stop he goes from car to car, begging And no one asks him his name   I know this man Because this man is me and this man is the purple-tied banker whose …

Dane MainellaMatthew


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I watch flurries of snow clutch muted lemon, rogue, clementine and copper leaves. Beneath speckles of tawny brown, they carry the scent of long-burnt sugar. The snow is mold on the leaves, painting the world in streams of stilted, stubborn gray. The leaves are shaken by the absence of Autumn; …

Diamond IrwinOctober

August Hunting

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 Zip the bag closed and giggle. With tape cover, muffle. The insect wings hidden, prevented   escape. Stole from flowers we shut it. Enclosed nesting creature. Our fingers small fumbling: lit   liquid smeared flat. We left night until morning, uncovered our shock. Smashed body of lantern. Child-hands that caught …

Madeleine WattenbargerAugust Hunting

Aisle 9

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Cans can preserve, can contain.   Pressure can keep same.   Condensed—   Poets’ produce, even cold, grows old.   Warm milks in cartons spoil.   Once fresh, poets’ flesh makes soil.  

Janina Lagemann-DoneAisle 9

Something Something Orange

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Orange flannel long-sleeve shirt, lingering over nineteen-day-old jeans. What do you expect when the basement washer/dryer costs three dollars and it only takes quarters? If I’m ever carrying more than three quarters at a time, there’s a problem anyway because I don’t like change and why carry all that trouble …

Matt ChylakSomething Something Orange

Some Words After

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what was it about that morning that when I tell my mother she it’s strange because we seemed or did you really just not people say I have to start I begin to remember, then you said I said you said I said you said you said or maybe I …

Alexa BrynSome Words After