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Letter from the Editors

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Dear Reader, In a media landscape flooded with micro-content, we’re proud to offer a space that celebrates the enduring value of long-form creative nonfiction. Four years after its inception—and thanks to the support of the Kelly Writers House and Penn parent Judith Zarin—Filament continues to share powerful in-depth stories from …

Filament_EditorsLetter from the Editors
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Two Degrees of Separation (Between Us, a City)

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Shanghai was the city of my great-great-grandfather, my great-grandfather and my grandmother. But Shanghai was never the city of my father, and Shanghai is not mine. Still, during winter break, I learn that the freshest scallion pancakes come from the dusty stall across Longwu Road, I learn which yellow convenience …

Kathleen ZhouTwo Degrees of Separation (Between Us, a City)
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Wings and Waitresses

In Spring 2015 by Maya AfilaloLeave a Comment

The thing about labeling yourself is that as soon as you do, everyone thinks they’ve got you all figured out. I consider myself a feminist, but I’m wary of broadcasting that to everyone I meet because I’m afraid of being seen as a bra-burning feminazi who doesn’t shave her armpits. …

Maya AfilaloWings and Waitresses
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Mythological Time: Model-Dependent Realism in Art

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“He comes from both sorts of time. He pops up in linear time, the time that gives us death and babies and old relatives. And yet there he is in mythological time: circular time, the time where the seasons die and resurrect, and so do gods and heroes. Where the …

Kaitlin MooreMythological Time: Model-Dependent Realism in Art

‘Puking Into You’ & ‘I Tell You I Have a Face’

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PUKING INTO YOU Nothing better than certain other peoples’ bodies you be for me             you’re not as they are we’re just sickness & internet presences              pizza-wave feminism my next glitter project        lipstick, aka my birthstone Ironic tequila shots             I was the red lip tonight I want to see something     you     …

Madeleine Wattenbarger‘Puking Into You’ & ‘I Tell You I Have a Face’
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How to Talk About Musicians Who Happen to Be Female

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At Philadelphia’s Trocadero Theatre in October, The Kills walk on stage. Guitarist Jamie Hince adjusts his pedals and greets the crowd. As they cheer, boisterous and enthusiastic, vocalist Alison Mosshart strides to the center of the stage. The cheering intensifies. “Alison, you’re hot!” shouts a man from the crowd. “Marry …

Amanda SilberlingHow to Talk About Musicians Who Happen to Be Female
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Valparaiso: Behind the Facade

In Spring 2015 by Madeleine WattenbargerLeave a Comment

In Valparaíso, the streets of Cerro Alegre and Cerro Concepción throb with color. The Chilean coastal city, once the primary port for all of South America, is known for its abundant graffiti and colorful houses. On the hills, or cerros, hedging the town center, or plan, are scattered countless brightly …

Madeleine WattenbargerValparaiso: Behind the Facade